Liability clause

Despite careful controls, we are not liable for the contents of links to other websites. Those responsible for the linked websites are solely liable for their contents.

References and links

www.braun-juliane.de is only liable for direct or indirect references made to other internet sites ("links") lying beyond the responsibility of braun-juliane.de if the company has been informed about the contents of these sites and it is reasonable to assume that the company would, where technically possible, prevent the use of sites which include illegal contents. www.braun-juliane.de therefore verifies that all linked websites are free of illegal contents at the time they are linked to braun-juliane.de.

www.braun-juliane.de has no influence on the current or future contents and design of websites linked to braun-juliane.de. We expressly distance ourselves from all contents of websites altered subsequent to that link being set up. This applies to all links and references as well as entries made by third parties in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists which form a part of these websites. The parties responsible for the contents of the linked sites, not those referencing the sites, are entirely liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and specifically for any damage which may occur on the grounds of the information presented in their websites.